Crazy Ibiza Spain

Well known for its parties and night clubs there is more to this island off the eastern coast of Spain than just good places to dance. The summer dance parties have really made the island popular and a big tourist draw for younger backpackers. While Ibiza is certainly a good place to head to if you want to get a bit crazy on your next holiday, there is also plenty to do there for families and older travelers or those who simply want to experience something a bit more relaxing on their next vacation. Ibiza has a number of quiet local beaches that are fairly isolated and well away from the big parties in the port district of the island.

Ibiza tends to come to life during the summer months and you notice the change as soon as June rolls around. The frequent flights to the island are full of young party-goers who are there to enjoy the all day and night dance clubs. Parties in Ibiza tend to kick off around noon and go until the early evening when people take a break, nap, or get something to eat. Things then kick off again around midnight with parties doing on until dawn. Its an exciting and hectic time and lifestyle but can be very entertaining. Just make sure to keep an eye on your belongings when you go out and secure your valuables back at the hostel or hotel room since this is the time of year when theft spikes. People are drunk and away from their rooms making both easy targets and a retractable lock is a good way to secure your valuables.

Theres always the option to party in Ibiza but you can get away from the crowds by exploring some of the islands most beautiful beaches. Cala den Serra beach, located in a secluded spot along the northern part of the island. Its not the most easily accessible place which can be a good thing in a place where you might want a break from the crowds. You’ll need to rent a car or scooter to get there and take the road that leads down from nearby cliffs to this picturesque beach. Remember that parking isnt allowed on the beach itself so if youre not prepared to walk down the winding road to get to Cala den Serra consider a scooter or hitching a ride with a local mini-bus. Cala den Serra has clear, still waters that make it ideal for snorkeling and there are several tour boats available from the shore that will take you out to some of the best secluded spots to see marine life.

The two main cities in Ibiza are Ibiza the town and San Antonio where most of the parties are. You can also take a ferry out to one of the much quieter nearby islands, Formentera. Ibiza does offer quite a bit for travelers and isn’t a party-only place and youll be able to find the type of vacation you want there by looking around and booking in parts of the island that aren’t surrounded by the clubs in San Antonio.