Majestic Rhodes Greece

Rhodes is a small Greek island off the coast of Turkey and one of the premier tourist destinations in the Aegean Sea. The island has much to offer all kinds of vacationers and tourists coming from all parts of the world. Its a close ferry ride from Turkey (although be prepared you’ll need your passport and make sure to check visa requirements) as well as mainland Greece as well. Its home to a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the wonders of the world, the Colossus of Rhodes. Its ruins are probably where most tourists end up when visiting Rhodes but well worth the time for the experience.

The actual statue is also to be rebuilt in the coming years but we suggest going before then to see the stones that were laid down so many years before modern construction. No remains of the original statue, thought to be built of bronze and standing as a large monument to the sun god Helios, have ever been found. Its one of the small mysteries on the island and one you can trace with your own archeological sleuthing. There are plenty of other opportunities to visit ancient ruins, including the Temple of Apollo and the Temple of Rhodes, both places you should certainly visit if its your first time to Rhodes.

Most people enter the island through the city of Rhodes located on the north part of the island, which also happens to have an international airport. There are flights from low-cost carriers, many of which really pick up during the summer months. The weather in Rhodes is temperate with cool winters and hot summers. The best way to get around Rhodes is the good bus system that runs frequently throughout the island. Its fairly cheap and safer than renting your own car as some of the roads are not completely paved and it can be easy to get lost. Most buses now also offer snacks and drinks with some even beginning to provide free wi-fi access as part of your ticket to ride. Its also a good way to catch up on some sleep and help you remember all the sights you’ll be seeing since naps improve memory.

There are also a number of beaches on the island, like Agathi and Kalathos, where you can enjoy a very lazy few days and lounge by the cool waters of the Aegean. The beaches in Rhodes are mostly pebble so its advisable to bring some sandals or swim shoes as well as a good beach towel. During the summer months the sun is also strong here and while umbrellas are for rent, if you’ll be staying for more than a week you can save a bit of money by purchasing your own. From there you can sell it to someone else in your hotel before you leave for half price, its a good deal for both parties.

Rhodes location and accessibility make it an ideal place to add to your Greek or Turkish coastal plans as there’s plenty of it on this magnificent island.