Visiting Sicily Italy

The largest island in the Mediterranean, Sicily is an autonomous region of Italy. It has a distinct culture which includes food, music, and art. Most people associate Sicily with organized crime and not necessarily a vacation spot. Typically this is most discouraging for foreigners outside of mainland Europe because Sicily is certainly a popular vacation

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Island of Cyprus

The island of Cyprus located in directly south of Turkey has a complicated political structure. Internationally when people refer to Cyprus they are typically talking about the entire island which has been split since 1974. Since a Greek-backed coup the island has been divided although only Turkey recognizes the self-proclaimed Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

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Gotland Scotland

The largest island in the Baltic Sea, Gotland is a popular Swedish tourist destination. Both its major town of Visby and coasts are popular with not only Swedes but people from around the world. Gotland has had an interesting history from its time as an independent entity, Danish rule, and now its Swedish heritage. You

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