Gotland Scotland

The largest island in the Baltic Sea, Gotland is a popular Swedish tourist destination. Both its major town of Visby and coasts are popular with not only Swedes but people from around the world. Gotland has had an interesting history from its time as an independent entity, Danish rule, and now its Swedish heritage. You can catch a glimpse of this history by visiting a UNESCO World Heritage site in Gotland, the medieval town in Visby. There are in fact over 90 medieval churches in Gotland, most of which are still in active use. Many of them will let you visit free of charge as well, provided there are no services going on at the time.

Gotland is easily reached by one of the frequent ferries going back and forth from Sweden, usually from the port cities of Nynäshamn or Oskarshamn. Gotland also has its own airline with flights from the Swedish mainland as well however ferry remains the most popular way to get to the island. Adding Gotland to your Swedish itinerary will give you another perspective on Swedish culture and teach you about the unique culture and way of life in Gotland.

Many people arrive in Gotland to go shopping, something the island is very well known for. For vintage handmade crafts its a shoppers delight. There are many shops there lined up in the heart of Visby and you’ll be among many looking for that good deal. Most people come to Gotland for its unique crafts and relatively lower prices (compared to mainland Sweden). The atmosphere is also laid-back and the pace of life slow making Gotland a nice place to visit for older travelers who want to take in the island at their own pace.

Outside of Visby there are also many villas and guest houses to spend a relaxing anniversary or vacation, particularly if you like the outdoors and some privacy or seclusion. Its also a great place to bring your pets, which is easy for European citizens. For those of you in the US looking to bring your pets its not impossible to either so long as you start preparing a few months in advance. Traveling with your pets from the US to Europe requires a few visits to the veterinarian as well as filling out a few forms and papers. You’ll also need to inform the airlines you plan on flying at least 2 weeks in advance of your flight for them to make the necessary arrangements. Once you’re in a EU member state, like Sweden, you can cross borders with your cat or dog much easier.

You can get access to and find out the specific travel requirements by checking out the Swedish embassy website for you nearest embassy or consulate. We also recommend you check the luggage limits and see what particular baggage requirements your airline has.