The Top Holiday Islands in Europe

Europe is home to an array of breathtaking vacation Islands, replete with natural beauty, stunning landscapes, and exciting exotic entertainment. Though there are many wondrous island locales to experience in Europe, there are 5 islands that truly standout as the best holiday islands in Europe and all of them can easily and cheaply be reached by short London flights.

The Spanish Island of Ibiza is known for its summer club parties and house and electronic dance scene that has primarily dominated this Island, off the coast of Valencia Spain. One can lay on gorgeous green blue beaches during the day, hibernate in a local yoga retreat, or frequent local down tempo and jazz clubs at night in Ibiza. Ibiza offers a diverse set of cultural, nature-based and clubber friendly activities for any traveler.

Mallorca, another Spanish beauty, is the second island that is a great place for vacationers looking for idyllic mountain ranges, sunny beaches, and incredible valley gorges. This islands natural bounty is only part of the attraction, for it is also an island with a fascinating history, a place where artifacts of Islamic nature continue to baffle archaeologists and historians.

Lanzarote, Canary Islands Spain off the coast of Western Sahara Africa is another terrific vacation spot in Europe. London flights to Lanzarote are affordable despite its distance from mainland Europe and this getaway spot offers a lot to the whole family. Lanzarote’s subtropical weather and gorgeous green blue beaches and white sand are a huge attraction to most travelers. In addition, Lanzarote offers a diversity of landscapes and natural wonders and is a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, great for the natural loving traveler.

The island of Rhodes in Greece is another one of the 5 best islands in Europe for vacationers. The Medieval as well as Turkish presence is strongly felt on this island and is great for the traveler fascinated with ancient history. Another major attraction to the island of Rhodes is the incredible beaches, perfect for sunbathers and purely relaxation-oriented vacationers.

The 5th best island of Europe for vacationers is the island of Cyprus. Cyprus is an island off of Greece and Turkey that offers the vacationer a melange of historical vacation sites as well as sun and fun on the beach. Cyprus is full of water activities for all ages and a great place for a getaway with the whole family.