Popular Islands in Europe

You don’t need to focus your vacation and trip plans solely on mainland Europe the continent which is home to some of the best islands in the world. Before booking your plans consider these best islands in Europe to explore the ancient history, art, and of course the top beaches in Europe as well. These islands are home to some of Europe’s wonders and can easily be added to your existing European itinerary or be the center of an entire vacation plan. Not all of the islands are warm, typical, or Mediterranean for that matter consider Iceland for example there is a lot of variety across Europe’s islands. Below are just some of the few unique and varied climates and cultures you can find across Europe’s best islands.

Crete Island, Greece
– If you’re looking for history and variety all in one Crete has most everything you could want in a European island. Its Greece’s largest island and home to one of the best national park hikes in the Mediterranean. Read more about the island of Crete.

Emerald Isle Ireland Probably not one is the islands you were thinking of when Europe came to mind but the island of Ireland is made up of the Republic of Ireland and North Ireland (part of the UK). You wont find crystal clear blue waters but there is plenty of color across the Emerald Isle. Read more about the island of Ireland.

The Island of Cyprus Were talking about both sides here the officially recognized Republic of Cyprus to the south and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in the north. Were not here to discuss politics and both a great places to visit. Find out why and read more about the island of Cyprus.

Ibiza, Spain Its not just nightclubs and parties, there are plenty of isolated beaches away from the crowds and plenty of places to stay with your family and kids. There is a lot to do whether you want to party until dawn or not. Learn more about the island of Ibiza.