Foodie Paradise in the UK

It might not be number one on many traveler’s lists, yet Glasgow is an outstanding place to start your UK food extravaganza. A quick stop at Glasgow Airport Parking for your ride and off you go to gain your first few extra pounds of weight. There are so many amazing options to choose from one of the favorites though is the Red Onion.

The Red Onion is a definite must for any foodie, a modern take on Scottish cuisine and culture. Chef John Quigley is renowned for his amazing gourmet interpretations of comfort food. The restaurant is smack dab in the middle of Glasgow city centre and if you show up on the right night you might just meet a celebrity or two.

Before ending the Glasgow leg of your food adventure, be sure to visit The Sisters, run by sisters Jacqueline and Pauline O’Donnell, has garnered a reputation for itself in the last few years for a superb eating experience and staying true to its Scottish food roots. The Sisters has two locations one in the heart of Glasgow’s West End and the other just off Crow Road. With food brought in from local suppliers, be sure to try the scallops and langoustines which are brought in from the pier in Ullapool. It’ll be sure to rock you into a cozy food coma by the time you are finished.

Another stop at Airport Parking and then Glasgow airport itself and you are off to London. Pick up your ride at either Heathrow Airport Parking or Gatwick Airport Parking and prepare for a once in a lifetime taste experience. Start with a British staple, Fish & Chips, though the Fish Club is definitely not your run of the mill chippy shop. You might be tempted to just nosh on their chips which are by far some of the best in London. Be sure to ask what the catch of the day is, or try something out of the ordinary like prawn and chorizo kebabs. A bakewell tart will be just the ticket to round off your classic British meal. A good long walk might also be the ticket after your meal.

The last stop on your foodie adventure should be gastro pub The Bull & Last in Highgate. Don’t be fooled by the pub décor, this is no ordinary menu. From chargrilled duck heart skewers, to their amazing dessert menu and fresh made ice cream, this is one pub that you’ll find ale the last thing on your mind or taste buds.